Mission Statement

To help others find joy in the little things life offers


About Morning Mugs Coffee

How what started as a way to make someone's day turned into a full coffee experience:

At my first job out of college, I came across five black mugs with a different color on the inside. Each morning, before enjoying my coffee, I would guess what the color would be as I pulled the mug out of the cabinet and then flip it to reveal the color.

I quickly noticed that it felt like there was a little extra caffeine in my coffee on days that I got it right. I started to record and share this routine with friends, and they pushed me to make an Instagram for it.

This was the start of Morning Mugs!

Morning Mugs gained a following that begged to see if I would get the color right and even guess themselves. I started to refer to this community as "Muggers," and they have been incredibly supportive throughout this journey.

Now, I am happy to share the Morning Mugs experience with everyone who walks into our coffee shop.

Thank you to the people who have helped me and pushed me along the way to make Morning Mugs into more than just a morning ritual. This coffee shop is a compilation of all these people, making it so much more enjoyable.